About company

We are a transport company located in Peplin, having our base in Rudno, next to Tczew.We have 15 years of experience in the field of the local and international transport.

Currently we have about 50 sets of entire fleets and thanks to them we are able to offer you transport of goods having various tonnage and volume, starting from vans and trucks, through tarpaulin kids and cars with engine cooling system. We own the modern entire fleet, most of our semi-trailer trucks meet the exhaust emission requirements of EURO 5. Offered by us semi-trailer trucks are equipped with sliding roods. The refrigerated trailers are described as refrigerated pallets with baskets and with special hook refrigerators. Kits contain straps, non-slip-mats, links, customs, etc., in ord er to protect the transported goods in the best way. Our team of drivers consists from experienced workers who are always available thanks to the GPS navigation. They are under the constant surveillance and they are in touch with our dispatchers. This allows us to provide the highest quality services and transport of goods on time.

The transport services offered by DARTOMEKS (general partnership) are provided in the area of EU, mostly in D, B, NL, A, CZ, F, GB. Thanks to many years of experience and the high quality of provided transport services our company can be proud of having regular customers and very good opinion as a transport provider.